Industry-Specific Applications of Sub-User System in Internet Proxies

September 27, 2023

Accommodation and Travel Industry

The Accommodation and Travel industry requires constant monitoring of prices and availability across various online platforms. A residential proxy network with a sub-user system allows businesses to pull this data accurately without IP bans. The sub-users in the system can help achieve simultaneous data extraction, which is crucial to maintaining an updated database.

Besides, it enables tasks like reputation management and competitive intelligence without raising any suspicion since residential proxies are legitimate IP addresses provided by Internet Service Providers.

Retail and eCommerce Industry

In the Retail and eCommerce industry, accurate and rapid market analysis is the key to stay competitive. Here, datacenter proxies can be used effectively. Datacenter proxies offer high-speed connections and are excellent for web scraping and market research.

Moreover, the sub-user system allows the assignment of different tasks to different sub-users, further enhancing the opportunities for market research and competition analysis. For instance, while one sub-user is scraping data for price analysis, another could be gathering information on customer reviews of competitors' products.

IT and Cybersecurity

The IT departments in large enterprises and cybersecurity firms often have to ensure network safety while dealing with tasks like ethical hacking, phishing simulations, and firewall testing. This is where ISP proxies and mobile proxies come into play.

ISP proxies and mobile proxies provide real-world testing environments, enhancing the reliability of security tests. Through a sub-user system, numerous tests can be conducted simultaneously or targeted tests can be assigned to each sub-user, resulting in comprehensive vulnerability scanning without jeopardizing the main user account.

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