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Numerous websites and search engines employ browser fingerprinting as a safeguard against malicious bots. As each browser leaves distinct online traces, this data enables websites (or search engines) to distinguish individual users, discern bot activity, and even monitor their users' online behavior.

Browser fingerprinting is increasingly influencing web scraping practices. It is progressively becoming the primary method for detecting web scraping bots. To enhance online privacy and circumvent browser fingerprinting, one approach is to utilize browser management tools.

AdsPower Browser Management Tool

AdsPower is a versatile multi-login browser management tool compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Its primary functions encompass:

  1. Multi-Account Management
  2. Counteracting the latest browser fingerprinting techniques by assigning a distinct browser fingerprint to each account.
  3. Seamless integration of proxy servers for enhanced browsing efficiency.

For more information about the benefits of AdsPower, visit their official website by clicking here.

Installation Guide for AdsPower

The installation process is identical for both Proxiware Residential and Datacenter Proxies. To grasp the detailed procedure, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download AdsPower from their official website by clicking here.

Step 2: Create a profile within the application by opening it and selecting "New Profile."

Step 3: Specify your proxies by completing the form as follows:

Residential Proxies

Connection type: HTTP, HTTPS, or SOCKS5

Proxy IP:

Proxy port: 8080 for HTTP, 8085 for SOCKS5

For country-specific proxies, refer to Proxiware's documentation for full list of entry nodes and sticky session details.

Rotating Datacenter Proxies

Connection type: HTTP or SOCKS5

Proxy IP:

Proxy port: 8080 for HTTP, 8085 for SOCKS5

Use Proxiware documentation for more information.

Mobile Proxies

Connection type: HTTP or HTTPS

Proxy IP:

Proxy port: 8080 for HTTP, 8085 for SOCKS5

Check Proxiware's documentation for further details.

For an exhaustive list of country-specific entry nodes, consult our documentation. To verify proxy functionality, click "Check Proxy."

For login credentials:

  • Proxy username: your-username
  • Proxy password: password

In all instances, if everything is in order, click "OK," located just below the "Advanced" block.

Step 4: Launch the browser by clicking "Open" under "Tags."


As previously mentioned, AdsPower does not provide proxies itself. To ensure a seamless web scraping and browsing experience, it's essential to use reliable proxies. Combining AdsPower with our Residential or Datacenter Proxies can help you circumvent various browsing challenges, such as dealing with browser fingerprinting.

If you have any inquiries regarding configuring our proxies in the AdsPower application or are considering using Proxiware's Residential or Datacenter Proxies, contact our sales team for further assistance.

Please note that AdsPower is a third-party tool not owned or controlled by Proxiware. Each third-party provider is responsible for its own software and services. Therefore, Proxiware assumes no liability or responsibility for these services. It's important to review the third party's policies and practices and conduct due diligence before accessing or using their services.

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